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Dreamers of Success

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Dreaming, success, desire, self improvement, personal development

Success, in any shape or form, cannot be left to chance, good fortune or luck. History has shown that in order for success to occur there needs to be some initial dreaming, hoping, wishing, desiring and planning. I may as well tell you to STOP READING NOW if you do not have a pulsating desire for success AND can actually believe you can achieve it.

Every great leader, from the dawn of civilization to today, have been dreamers. Every great leader uses their imagination to create a dream and when consistently nourished will turn into a burning desire. If you do not see success in your imagination you are unlikely to see success in your life.

The current economic, political and technological environment we are living today provides the perfect opportunity for practical dreamers, in fact, there has never been a better time in the whole of history than NOW!!. The economic collapse has produced a more ‘level playing field‘ on which ‘a new game has begun’.  The rules of the ‘game’ have changed and these rules favour the dreamer.

Dreaming, success, desire, self improvement, personal development

The ‘changing of the rules’ has called for new ideas, new ways of doing things, new leaders, new inventions, new methods of teaching, new methods of marketing, new books and new literature.

If we take the internet for example, we see successful internet marketers who have transformed from rags to riches virtually overnight. Social media tools like twitter and facebook have made mass communication not only instantaneous but global. Education can be delivered online through webinars and tutorials. E-books are available on any subject (no matter how bizzarre) and can be downloaded instantly.

E-commerce escalates while the economy suffers….Why??? because the ‘game’ favours dreamers. Simple as that! And in order toDreaming, success, desire, self improvement, personal development ‘win‘ you must possess the quality that is DEFINITENESS OF PURPOSE– to know what you want and a burning desire to want it.

The economic struggle signifies the death of and old age and marks the birth of another. This new age needs practical dreamers who can and will PUT THEIR DREAMS INTO ACTION.

“Practical dreamers have always been, and will always be the pattern-makers of civilization.” –  Napoleon Hill


Tolerance and the ability to have an open mind are essential qualities for the dreamer of today. Those who are afraid of new ideas are beat before they begin. Do not be influenced by those how ridicule your dreams. Let me remind you that people laughed at Christopher Columbus when he thought the world has round and look what happened there!!!

Today’s world is filled with so much opportunity which the past dreamers never knew. A burning desire is the catalyst that propels the dreamers dream into action and unlike the days of Christopher Columbus the world no longer sneers at dreamers or calls them impractical.

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